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7 Everyday Uses for PVC Pipes

Do you have leftover PVC pipes from your latest plumbing job? House One editor and DIY expert Jenn Largesse shares some helpful tips for what to do with PVC.

Whether you have leftover pieces or purchase a few inexpensive sections from the home center, PVC pipes can be repurposed in some pretty useful ways around the house. Here are a few ways to get started.

PVC Pipe Uses for Everyday Life:

Collect leaves

Cut and assemble PVC pipe into a frame, and then clamp a bag around the opening to hold it upright for filling with leaves, or on its side for use as a sort-of dustpan for your rake.

Store anything

PVC pipe used as storage container. Jenn Largesse

Cap one end of a PVC pipe, fill it with nails, screws or other hardware. Cap the remaining side and add a label for a makeshift storage container.

Control stray cords

Wrangle unruly cords by sliding them through a piece of PVC conduit to clean up the look and keep them safely out of the way.

Extend a vacuum hose

Attach a 1½ -inch-diameter tube to the end of the hose with duct tape to extend your reach in tight spaces.

Divert water away from the foundation

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook secures a perforated 4-inch-diameter tube to the end of a downspout, lays the tube in a shallow trench lined with plastic sheeting, and covers it with gravel.

Water plants

Drill small holes spaced several inches apart along the entire length of small pipe. Place the tube into a potted plant and add water for a slow, even soak.

Make C clamp

PVC pipe used as a C clamp Jenn Largesse

Cut a slot along the length of a pipe, and then cut it into sections to use as low-force clamps to secure a protective covering on a work surface.