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S20 E33, Ross Trethewey assists his father Richard in explaining air flow to Kevin O’Connor

S20 E33: Celebrating Fathers as Mentors

Ask This Old House team members talk about their fathers as mentors; Richard and Ross explain airflow in buildings; Tom finishes a baseball bat display case.

S20 E32, Heath Eastman discusses electrical tools in the Tool Lab

S20 E32: Electrical Tools, Energy Audit

Watch as Heath demonstrates using common electrical tools. Later, Ross conducts an in-depth home energy assessment, and Mauro shares one of his favorite painting tips.

S20 E33, Tom Silva and his parents

Ask TOH Celebrates Their Fathers as Mentors

Ask This Old House team members talk about how their fathers shaped their lives and careers.

S20 E30, Richard Trethewey shows Kevin O’Connor how to replace a toilet seat

S20 E30: Toilet Seat, Lockset Repair

Richard shows how to replace a toilet seat; Jenn Largesse builds a pergola for her backyard; Nathan repairs a century-old full mortise lockset.

S20 E29, Mauro Henrique refinishes a deck rail

S20 E29: Hydrangeas, Deck Railing

Watch as Jenn shows off different varieties of hydrangeas; Heath explains the types of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and their functions, and Mauro refinishes deck railings and posts.

S20 E28, Richard Trethewey shows Kevin O’Connor how to fix common plumbing emergencies

S20 E28: Garage Door, Plumbing Fixes

In this episode, Ross shares why he became an engineer. Tom talks about different types of hammers, and Richard shows how to control common plumbing emergencies. Then, Nathan removes and replaces a garage door.

Mark McCullough teaches Kevin O’Connor how to build a stone bird bath

S20 E27: DIY Birdbath, Newel Post Repair

In this episode, Nathan shows how to mount a flat-screen TV on a wall, Mark builds a stone birdbath, and Tom repairs a newel post damaged by a dog.

S20 E26, Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva build a beehive

S20 E26: Outdoor Vinyl Fence, Beehive

Jenn Nawada suggests houseplants for areas of shade, partial shade and sun; Jenn Largesse shows how to put up an outdoor vinyl fence; Tom Silva builds a beehive out of wood.

S20 E25, Heath Eastman discusses LEDs with Kevin O’Connor

S20 E25: Wobbly Toilet, LED Lightbulbs

Nathan shares how he became a carpenter and what he loves about the trade; Heath talks all about different LED lightbulbs; Richard fixes a wobbly toilet and repairs a sticky faucet handle.

S20 E24, Tom Silva fixes a sagging fence gate

S20 E24: Fence Gate, Container Pool

Nathan demonstrates how to fix scratches on wood furniture; Jenn Largesse oversees the installation of a shipping container pool in her backyard; Tom shows how to re-secure a sagging fence gate.