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Bedroom How To & DIY

Improve the value of your home by discovering our bedroom step-by-step tips & ideas.

Framed fabric print

How to Build a Wall-Sized Frame for a Fabric Print

Do you love the look of wall murals, but are too hesitant to commit to the permanence of paint or wallpaper? This project will give you the look of a mural, without the commitment.

How to Make an Upholstered Headboard

Up the coziness factor of your bed with this custom-made, fabric-covered accessory.


DIY Headboard, Rustic Edition

Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor turn a sheet of plywood and some rough-sawn boards into a unique headboard for the bedroom.

7 Ways to Cozy Up Your Bedroom for Winter

Adjust room temperature, reduce artificial light, and other pro tips


How to Upcycle a Headboard

Update a headboard with a color and added storage.

Are Smart Bulbs the Answer to Your Sleep Problems?

Artificial light has a negative impact on sleeping habits. Here's a solution that might help

Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Did you know that mattress sales spike this time of year? Here are the top-rated springless mattresses on (All prices for Queen-size mattresses)

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet | Best of the Web

There is a way! Learn how with this quick video tutorial from Crane & Canopy

Paint a Simple Geometric Pattern on Your Bedroom Wall

Create an abstract accent-wall design with just a roll of painter’s tape and a few quarts of color


Bedside Table | New Yankee Workshop

Norm constructs a bedside table inspired by one found at the Hancock Shaker Village. Go to The New Yankee Workshop to see measured drawings for all projects

How to Combine a Home Office and Guest Bedroom

Install a murphy bed to make efficient use of the space


How to Add Overhead Lighting to a Bedroom

Ask This Old House master electrician Scott Caron adds dimmable overhead lighting to a dark bedroom

Paint Your Way to Better Sleep

Swaths of color in soft shades for a sleep-inducing paint scheme

9 DIY Headboards You Can Make

Customizable and interesting ideas to create a bold focal point


How to Move a Box Spring Up a Narrow Staircase

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to cut and fold—and then fix—a rigid box spring

Best Attic Before and Afters 2015

You showed us your revamped garrets. Now see which made us do a double take in our annual Search for America's Best Remodel Contest

How to Deal With Bed Bugs

Pro tips for kicking out these buggy bed companions

IKEA Dresser: One Piece, Five Ways

A plain flat-pack dresser gets a vintage-hardware-fueled redo. Then another, and another...


How to Make a Campaign-Style Dresser

Glossy orange paint, and campaign pulls and brackets lend a flat-pack dresser the look of traveling furniture in our One Piece, Five Ways series


How to Make a Victorian-Style Dresser

Buttery painted-on trim, stenciled flower details, and drop pulls give a flat-pack dresser folk Victorian character in our One Piece, Five Ways series


How to Make a Mid-century Modern-style Dresser

Olive paint, walnut stain, and brass knobs give a flat-pack dresser mid-century modern flair in our One Piece, Five Ways series

8 Ways to Make Your Bed Heavenly

Maximize comfort and style with these bedding tips

Backyard Garage Becomes Dreamy Guest Cottage

A neglected freestanding garage now spoils Cape Cod guests

Life-Changing Tips for a More Organized Home

Learn the house organization ideas experts use to keep their homes in order

Build a Dresser From Stacked Drawers

Put odd drawers to use in a whimsical piece of storage furniture

How to Upholster a Headboard

Build a headboard from fabric and plywood or buy one ready-made and turn in early


How to Build a Spindle Headboard

It only looks tough to build. This easy-to-customize piece will give your bed an instant lift

Best Bedroom Before and Afters 2013

You showed us your charming and and cozy sleep spaces. Now see which ones were finalists in our annual Reader Remodel Contest

How to Make a Tidy Box Spring Cover

Give a box spring or bed foundation an upholstered look

27 Ways to Build Your Own Bedroom Furniture

Outfit your bedroom with do-it-yourself furnishings that add appeal—and save you money

A Guest Bedroom Goes From Catchall to Orderly Retreat

A multitasking guest room gets a little help from space-maximizing built-ins


How to Build a Storage Bed

This reader-inspired bed contains 23 cubic feet of storage but no room for dust bunnies