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Whether you have decided to gut-renovate your kitchen or you’re just replacing a single workhorse, looking for a dishwasher can feel like a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for. Even if you consider yourself brand loyal, there can be dozens of options to choose from online, at Home Depot and other big-box retailers.

We at the This Old House Reviews team have carefully combed the bestselling and top-performing built-in dishwashers across several major retailers, read hundreds of customer reviews, identified the standout features of each product, and arrived at the top five dishwashers of 2022.

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Featured Dishwashers

Samsung 24-inch Top Control DW80R9950US

Price: $899–$1,100 | Finishes: Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, fingerprint-resistant Tuscan stainless steel, fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel, and fingerprint-resistant navy steel | 3rd Rack: ✔ | Energy Star Qualified:

Samsung’s 24-inch Top Control Dishwasher’s most notable feature is its one-of-a-kind Linear Wash technology which incorporates a sliding spray arm to carefully spray each dish for a complete clean you can rely on. It features a flexible third rack, which can accommodate extra silverware and small dishwasher-safe items.

Each cycle is timed and the duration is displayed on the built-in LED screen, which streamlines the process of guessing when you can run another load. This dishwasher is also smart technology-enabled so you can start your dishwasher from anywhere you have cellular reception.

Other standout features include its 39 dBA insulated noise reduction, the auto-release door which automatically opens at the end of a cycle to speed up the drying process, and its large capacity which can accommodate as many as 15 table settings. If you need to troubleshoot or repair your appliance, Samsung’s Extended Warranty may have you covered.

To read more about the specifications, warranties, and product availability at a Home Depot near you, shop for Samsung dishwashers today.

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Bosch 300 Series 24-inch SHEM63W56N

Price: $849.99–$899.99 | Finishes: White, black, and stainless steel | 3rd Rack: ✔ | Energy Star Qualified:

Bosch dishwashers have an industry-wide reputation for providing unmatched cleanliness and top-tier performance. Its higher-than-average price point may deter more budget-savvy consumers but the features, such as the third rack for utensils, 44 dBA noise rating, stainless steel tub, and capacity of up to 16 place settings make it a strong contender against other products featured on this list.

When you purchase a Bosch dishwasher, your product is covered for up to one year for parts and labor. This figure is standard across the industry, but some manufacturers will offer longer benefits.

To find out if the Bosch 300 Series dishwasher is a good fit for your kitchen’s needs, shop Bosch dishwashers today.

LG 24-inch LDF454HT

Price: $687–$849 | Finishes: Black, white, stainless steel, PrintProof™ stainless steel, and PrintProof™ black stainless steel | 3rd Rack: ✔ | Energy Star Qualified:

If the prices of the first two dishwashers featured on this list gave you sticker shock, the LG 24 inch LDF454HT falls more within the middle range of average dishwasher prices. Despite its lower price tag, the LG dishwasher does not compromise on features or the number of finishes offered. It also pairs with the companion app to download new cycles, bookmark favorite settings, and troubleshoot issues.

LG’s biggest standout feature is its 10-year limited warranty, which is longer than the industry standard’s one-year limited warranty. In addition to the lengthier warranty, this LG dishwasher has a soil sensor so it will work harder on your toughest dishes. You can also customize the distance between each of the prongs on Easy Rack Plus so you can maximize the number of dishes in a cycle.

To shop the LG 24-inch LDF454HT dishwasher, browse the options available on Home Depot. It is a Home Depot exclusive.

Whirlpool 24-inch WDT710PAHZ

Price: $629–$699 | Finishes: Black, white, and stainless steel | 3rd Rack:  ✘ | Energy Star Qualified:

Joining Bosch at the top of the list of reliability, Whirlpool dishwashers also have a reputation for longevity and fewer repairs. When repairs are necessary within a year of your purchase date, Whirlpool’s warranty can give you added peace of mind.

Unlike Bosch, Whirlpool tends to err on the side of caution when it comes to adding high-technology components or features to their products, meaning it’s not a manufacturer to seek out if you’re prioritizing a wide breadth of features or bells and whistles; this is reflected in the overall affordability of this model dishwasher.

The built-in sensor makes sure each load is cleaned to your standards while operating as efficiently as possible. If you’re in a rush, you can use the quick wash cycle to have dishes washed and dried in just 60 minutes. You can fit as many as 13 place settings per load with this model, and the hidden controls give your kitchen an overall sleek look.

For a reliable dishwasher with minimal added frills, shop the Whirlpool 24-inch WDT710PAHZ at Home Depot today.

Frigidaire 24-inch FFID2426TS

Price: $539–$599 | Finishes: Black, white, stainless steel, and black stainless steel | 3rd Rack: ✘ | Energy Star Qualified:

Coming in with the most affordable price tag on this list, the Frigidaire 24 inch FFID2426TS offers enough space to wash as many as 14 place settings at once. It also has a built-in stainless steel food disposer to limit the odor and maintenance concerns of debris-compacted filters.

DishSense™ technology times each cycle to meet the specific needs of each load and the OrbitClean® Spray Arm Wash system with two spray arms ensures an even clean every time.

Compared to pricier models, Frigidaire’s lack of smart features and basic four cycles: heavy, normal, rinse only, and upper rack, may seem limited, but its high internal temperature, heated and vented dry design, sensor clean, and unobtrusive control pad make it a worthy addition to any budget-conscious kitchen.

To shop the Frigidaire 24-inch FFID2426TS, shop AJ Madison today.

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5 Things To Look for When Shopping for a Dishwasher

Before you zero in on the dishwasher that fits your household’s needs, it’s important to do your research. When you’re informed about the average price range, most reliable brands, different types of dishwashers, and the industry standards for quietness, you’ll be less overwhelmed with the shopping process.

Average Price Range

Dishwashers can range from as low as $250 to as much as $2,000 depending on the features you’re looking for. Basic-model dishwashers may require you to spend more time pre-rinsing your dishes to get the maximum effect, while a higher-end dishwasher may provide smart features such as using your phone as a remote control, increased place setting capacity, and more variety in available finishes.

It’s also important to factor in the cost of installation, which is typically about $200 when budgeting for a new dishwasher.

Types of Dishwashers

In general, dishwashers can be broken down into two main categories: built-in dishwashers and portable dishwashers, such as countertop dishwashers. In recent years, the drawer dishwasher has taken on popularity for its sleek appearance, compact nature, and efficiency. The drawer dishwasher is installed beneath your countertop and it’s ideal for small spaces and households with minimal dishwashing needs.

For this article, we’ve focused on built-in dishwashers, some of which are smart dishwashers with app integration. Smart dishwashers pair with your smartphone, which can allow you to monitor the progress of a wash cycle, troubleshoot, and control the appliance remotely.


Kitchen appliances typically come in standard finishes such as black, white, and stainless steel. In recent years, black stainless steel, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, and novelty colors have increased in popularity.

Additional Features

The basic function of your dishwasher is to wash and dry your dirty dishes so that you can spend less time hunched over the sink and more time doing the things you love. In addition to that basic process, many dishwashers offer additional features during the wash cycle to customize their performance. Some of these features include:

  • Adjustable rack, top rack, or third rack
  • Soil sensor
  • Quick wash
  • Delay start
  • Heated dry
  • Self-cleaning filters
  • Food pulverizers
  • Smart-home integration and remote control
  • Stainless-steel internal components for longevity
  • Sanitizer settings
  • Child locks
  • Energy Star certification for energy-efficient savings


Many modern dishwashers are rated in decibels (dBA) to communicate the quietness of a dishwasher’s cycle. Generally, a dishwasher with an average rating of 38 dBA can be considered especially quiet but any appliance rated lower than 44 dBA will be noticeably quiet compared to a standard dishwasher. The average dishwasher is about 52 dBA, according to industry standards.

Our Conclusion

Each product on this list has been carefully evaluated against our stringent review standards, which take into account factors such as the number of features offered, whether or not the product offers smart technology, the average rating of verified customers, and several other factors dictated by our research into appliances as a whole.

With that said, we recommend the Whirlpool 24 in. WDT710PAHZ for its affordability and brand reputation, the Bosch 300 Series 24 in. SHEM63W56N for its large capacity and suite of features, and the Samsung 24 in. Top Control DW80R9950US for its smart technology and whisper-quiet sound.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team is committed to providing thoroughly researched recommendations and insight into the categories we cover. We seek to earn and keep your trust by practicing ongoing transparency about the process of our reviews and the factors we take into account.

Our 100-point rating system accounts for six key factors. We scored the dishwashers featured in this article in the following way:

  • Features (up to 40 total points): This category accounts for the most commonly sought-after dishwasher features, such as a third rack, stainless steel internal components, quick wash cycles, Energy Star certification, and more.
  • Finishes (up to 1 point): Products that came in more than one finish were rated higher than products with only one finish option.
  • Average customer rating (up to 15 points): Each product received a score from zero to 15 depending on its average customer rating. We rounded up decimal ratings to the nearest whole number.
  • Smart technology (up to 5 points): If a product included app integration or Wi-Fi compatibility, it received five points.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty (up to 25 points): We researched each product’s manufacturer’s warranty and awarded each product 25 points if it came with any kind of warranty or guarantee.
  • Customer service (up to 14 points): We researched the customer service options available to homeowners after they’ve purchased their item. Each product received points if its manufacturer offered phone, chat/text, or access to replacement parts.

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