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Cheap (or Free) Online DIY Classes

Looking to expand your skills? A digestible online course will help. From refinishing furniture to learning sewing machine basics, see our list of recommended online courses to help expand your DIY skillset.

Jenn Largesse builds a simple garden bench. Jenn Largesse

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can learn how to do virtually anything at home, such as replacing a toilet (knowledge IS power). Whether you want to hone in on your home improvement skills or learn a new craft, there’s an online class for you!

Some of these courses come with multi-step modules and video and some are even free of charge. Here are some top-rated courses that we hand-picked for you:

Learn Home Improvement Basics

A crash course in home improvement is helpful for literally any renter or home owner. This curriculum from ITU Online includes 51 videos with corresponding test questions on everything from power tools to installing a new toilet.

Fee: $99

Make Macrame Hanging Planters

Do you have design-envy for all the gorgeous rooms you find on Instagram and Pinterest? Especially the ones adorned with plants and macrame decor? Your home could soon look like such interiors with this DIY macrame planter course on Skillshare.

Fee: Skillshare Premium

Learn How to Refinish Furniture

Learn how to refinish a family heirloom or thrift shop find with this four part course on Creative Bug. These videos will show you the methods for prepping, sanding, painting and more.

Fee: Free

Know Sewing Machine Basics

If you ever wanted to master the sewing machine, here’s a great start. This course on Bluprint is free of cost and contains five videos you can access at any time to practice your skills.

Fee: Free

Learn Brush Lettering Basics

Access thirteen in-depth videos in this series on CreativeLive that teach you the craft of brush lettering. With this skill, you’ll be able to create gorgeous lettering styles for a variety of creative needs.

Fee: $17

Woodworking Essentials: Benches & Boxes

This Bluprint course is intended for those with no prior woodworking experience and presents you with three basic tutorials to get started. One subscriber commented, “I’ve never worked with wood in my life but this class was so straightforward I had no trouble getting started”.

Fee: $40

Make Things with PVC

Take this free course on Instructables to gain an extensive knowledge on PVC. Used by both plumbers and clever DIYers, this material can be used to transport water, build furniture, create agricultural projects and more.

Fee: Free

Learn How to Blog

After all your learning and making, you may be inclined to share a blog with the world. Take tips from the successful creatives behind A Beautiful Mess on how to engage with an audience, write successful blog posts, network, monetize, and more.

Fee: $70