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3-Room Remodels That Transform the Home

Exploring three beautiful room remodels to show you how far your budget, style, and DIY skills can go to transform a space, with This Old House DIY Expert & House One’s Jenn Largesse.

Cheap (or Free) Online DIY Classes

Looking to expand your skills? A digestible online course will help. From refinishing furniture to learning sewing machine basics, see our list of recommended online courses to help expand your DIY skillset.


How to Make Geometric Planters

This Old House DIY Expert & House One editor Jenn Largesse shows how to set up a miter saw to create geometric planter, shelves, and more.

DIY Ombre Wall Inspiration

Add style and a pop of color to any room with a beautiful accent wall featuring an easy DIY ombre effect.

April Wilkerson of Wilker Do’s

Maker Interview: April Wilkerson of Wilker Do’s

House One host Jenn Largesse interviews April Wilkerson of Wilker Do’s in this installment of the House One Maker Interview Series.

9 Mini DIY Zen Gardens

Chances are you don’t have a zen garden in your backyard or outside the office. But you could still bring the essence of one to your coffee table or desk with these small-scale terrains.

Modern Bathroom Sink Fixtures

Looking to give your bathroom a modern makeover? Start with the faucet! Here are some design-savvy ideas to make your bathroom modern and sleek.

How to Style a Mantel

Whether you have a true fireplace shelf or faux fixture, the mantel is a unique fixture where you can make a statement. Here are our best tips for styling a fireplace mantel.

10 DIY String Light Ideas

Nothing warms up a space like string lights. They add coziness, are painless to display, and are typically very affordable (you can often grab perfectly good options from the clearance section). Perhaps you’ve only utilized them during the holiday season, but they look just as pretty when hung up all year round

18 Desk Accessories to Enhance Your Workspace

It can be hard to muster up the motivation needed to get our work done sometimes, but with the right touch, you can turn your desk into a chic and cozy spot that you’ll never want to leave.

Closet Turned Home Office

Having a dedicated work space is so important. Whether you’re a freelancer, a student, a CEO, or just a homeowner simply trying to keep track of bills, it can be easy to get thrown off without the proper space and organization.

DIY Entryway Gallery Wall

Accent your entryway with a stylish gallery wall featuring an easy molding frame

Inspiration: Cabana-Stripe Entryway

Vertical stripes "bring the eye up," says Atlanta interior designer Dayka Robinson, whose entryway is shown here.