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Low-Cost Closet Solutions

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares some DIY Smarts low-cost options to customize a closet.

How to Install DIY Closet Organization:

  1. Create additional shelving by mounting shelf racks to studs against the wall. The racks should come with mounting brackets designed to hold a shelf.
  2. If the studs are located in a less-than-ideal location, there are brackets designed to receive the mounting shelf racks. The brackets can be screwed to structure and the racks can slide in the bracket as necessary.
  3. The mounting shelf racks can also hold hook or basket attachments.
  4. There are also wire shelves that can be held in with small plastic brackets that connect to the shelf at any location, allowing the brackets to easily be mounted to the structure.


Everything Tom demonstrated, including the wire shelving, wall mounts, and corner brackets, can all be found at The Home Depot.

Shop Closet Accessories at The Home Depot