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S43 E33: Old House New Supports

The old joists in the house are replaced, and tile selections are made. The old porch is tied into the new framing, and inside, steel I-beams support the open floor plan with no partitions. Finally, roof trusses are installed.

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In this episode:

The house has seen a lot of progress in the last week. Floor joists are in, and the decking is down in what will soon be an open floor plan family room with a kitchen and dining room.

The open floor plan requires new joists to support the dead and live loads above. Builder Matt Whitbeck, Tom Silva, and Kevin O’Connor replace the old joists with new I-joists. First, they plumb the leaning and bowed exterior wall.

Another big upgrade and a first for the 1860s home is tile. Kevin meets homeowners Whitney and Evan and Materials Coordinator Julie Maleski at a local tile showroom to make some selections.

Throughout construction, significant effort has been made to save an old screened-in porch. Now, with its flooring system ready to be built and the first floor newly framed, it can be locked into the new framing.

Steel I-beams of different sizes are brought in and installed in a web, allowing for the open floor plan with no partitions.

The trusses from the manufacturing facility Kevin visited last week have been delivered and are ready to be installed. With the old roof now off, Kevin and Tom lend Matt and his crew a hand with installation.

Original Air Date: June 23, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 33 23:42

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