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S43 E33, Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva discuss steel I-beams

S43 E33: Old House New Supports

The old joists in the house are replaced, and tile selections are made. The old porch is tied into the new framing, and inside, steel I-beams support the open floor plan with no partitions. Finally, roof trusses are installed.

S43 E32, hot air balloon ride

S43 E32: Up and Away

In this episode, the team follows up with the restoration of a schoolhouse in Dracut, MA. Back in Saratoga, the homeowners select cabinets at a kitchen showroom. Then, the crew treats mold and mildew found in the home, and Kevin O’Connor takes a hot air balloon ride.

S20 E31, Jenn Nawada discusses succulents

S20 E31: Succulents, Water Filter

In this episode, Jenn talks about different types of succulents. Richard installs a reverse osmosis under-sink water filter, and then Tom builds a classic milk stool.

S43 E31, Tom Silva discusses raising the roof with builder Matt Whitbeck

S43 E31: Raise the Roof

Plumbing fixtures are chosen for the house. Then, the original foundation is repointed, and a ledger is installed on the new ICF foundation for the mudroom floor joists. Later, the crew takes a tour of a truss manufacturing facility.

S43 E30, Jenn Nawada tours secret gardens of Saratoga

S43 E30: Secret Gardens

The crew tours local gardens while a new foundation is built using ICFs. Then, we visit a mansion once owned by the inventor of a fire hydrant valve. Finally, forms are prepped for a pour-in-place concrete staircase.

S43 E28, Richard Trethewey bathes in a Saratoga spring

S43 E28: New Vision

The homeowners begin to demo, and the architect shares his plan for the home. Then, Richard learns about the Saratoga springs. The yard is protected against construction, and an air remediation system is installed.

S43 E29, Tom Silva builds a buttress foundation wall

S43 E29: Old Woes

The crew tours the Saratoga Racecourse. Discoveries are made during the demo, and an armored shield cabling is replaced with nonmetallic ones. The home’s framing is explored, and a buttress wall is built in the basement.

Tom Silva dressed as a jockey

S43 E27: Tour of Saratoga Springs

The team is starting a new project in Saratoga Springs, NY. They meet the homeowners and the builder and learn about the plans for the 1864 home, including reconstructing the additions and creating an open floor plan.

S43 E26, Jenn Nawada and Kevin O’Connor on the West Roxbury front porch stairs

S43 E26: A Modern Victorian

A little over a year ago, the 1890s West Roxbury Victorian was a tired-looking house. Now, it’s all dressed up and looking good. The crew and homeowners give a tour of the changes.

S43 E25, Tom Silva installs closet doors with Kevin O’Connor

S43 E25: Focus on Finishes

Countertops are going in and doors are being hung. A local stone fabrication shop is visited. A distressed stained finish is applied to trim. Under-cabinet receptacles and crown molding are installed.